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Sickie Routine

Hey mama, this one’s for you. I’ve been sharing this information for years & I’ve been wanting to make a post so it can be shared even more (and so I stop repeating myself, I can just say here it is lol). This information literally changed my life as a mom & this is a routine we still do to this day for the whole family.

How it started: There’s several bits of information that I gained to me to make up this full routine. One being my daughter’s pediatrician (which was mine too btw). He’s the one that pointed out how dangerous my cleaning products & candles were when my daughter was diagnosed with asthma & recommended herbal supplements for her when I was in tears from being in his office so much. He was an amazing dr & I appreciate him for meeting me where I was. We were the typical family, one kid gets sick then everyone gets it. I swear it seemed like someone in our house was ALWAYS sick. Plus we both worked full-time jobs so we’d have to rotate on who took care of which sick kid. Then we couldn’t take the days off when we got sick. It SUCKED!!!!

Now, as soon as someone around us is sick or one of us come home sniffling, we start this routine. All these years later & it still works. Why fix what’s not broken, right? All the items below are immune boosters. They help your body to fight whatever it has, not just mask it. If any of us do get sick, it’s over pretty quickly & doesn’t get too bad (knock on wood). But since we’ve been doing this, we no longer pass the yuck back & forth (HUGE win!!).

Ningxia Red: This is a powerhouse supplement drink & immune booster. It’s full of antioxidants & anti-inflammatory properties. Read more about it here. We take 2oz every day. When we’re not feeling well or people around are sick, we make sure not to miss a day & add few other immune boosters (below).

Echinacea with goldenseal. This is what my pediatrician recommended. For littles you’d use 1/2 a dose 1 week on, 1 week off for 6 weeks. Make sure to get alcohol free. Add it straight to your Ningxia. I start using this when someone comes home sick or everyone around us is getting sick. I take it for about a week.

Elderberry is another great supplement to have on hand. Sometimes I add this into my routine if someone is actually sick, or for allergies. Again, alcohol free & add to your Ningxia shot. Great to use during the season change.

Thieves. Oh my Thieves is so good. You can read more on the story of Thieves here & you’ll understand why it’s on this list & a must in my house. We use the roller to apply topically & in the diffuser for aromatically. If I am sick, I add 2 drops to an empty vegetable capsule & top with any oil. It works wonders. You can also make a tea with it, I personally, don’t care for the taste.

Raven. Like Vicks but minus the petroleum. And WAY better. Raven is a fantastic respiratory support blend. Apply to chest, back, nose and/or bottom of your feet & diffuse. Some other great respiratory blends are RC & Breathe Again. This is another MUST in my home. Why use an alternative when you can have the real deal?

Plants are powerful medicine & it’s a blessing that we have such easy access to them. Seriously life changing! And the best part is, you control what you’re using. I suggest starting with these few things & change it as you see fit. We’re all different & the same products may work differently for you. Young Living also has some great Thieves cough drops & chest rub.

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