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Getting The Most Out of Your Oils​

Getting the most out of your oils

So your favorite oil is running low.  Ugh, I hate that.  I feel like I need to savor every drop I have.  So here’s a few ideas that will help you get every drop out of your oils.

make infused bath salt

This is my favorite method.  When you think you’ve used every drop, take the tops off and throw them all in a jar of Epsom salt.  I just keep adding and shaking it up until I’m ready to use.  Sometimes it’s fun to see what concoction you come out with.

Turn into a roller

I like to do this once my oil reaches about 1/4 full.  Just remove the clear top, add a carrier oil and put the roller cap on.  Super easy!

use for your diffuser

I have seen this idea many times, although I personally use the bath salt method.  But this is very similar.  The difference is to use distilled water instead of Epsom salt.  Just store them near your diffuser for easy use.

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