So I grew up with oily skin.  I kept trying to fight it by drying it out.  I even had a medicated face wash that dried my skin out so bad I started bleeding.  So one day I heard something that really made me think.  They said “the best way to combat oily skin is to stop drying it out.  The more you dry it the more your skin freaks out and becomes more oily.”  Well yea, that makes sense.  Everything I tried only lasted a few hours.  So I did a bit of digging and found the oils that are nutritious for your skin.  And this is great for any part of your body.  You can use the same recipe and just add a lot more carrier oil in a larger bottle for your body too.

  • Grapeseed oil:  Helps retain your skins natural moisture and is great for anti-aging and skin inflammations.
  • Vitamin E:  Another great oil for anti-aging.  Treats dark circles & scars.  Doesn’t clog pores and much more.
  • Frankincense:  Oh what isn’t Frank good for?  It’s just an overall magic oil.  I suggest you google ‘benefits of Frankincense on face’.  It’s another great oil for anti-aging, aids in healing, it’s an astringent, evens skin tone, etc.
  • Lavender:  Lavender is another powerhouse oil.  It also helps even skin tone, soothes skin inflammations, supports skin aging, etc.
  • Copaiba: Well, honestly, I put this shit on everything.  Every roller bottle I make I add this to it.  When you add it to other essential oils, it intensifies that oil.  Plus it reduces the appearance of blemishes, promotes a youthful, radiant glow, also aids in skin irritations, etc.
  • Roller Bottles:  I like using these because they’re cute, easy to travel with and you use less when you’re not pouring it into your hand.

  For this I love using the roller bottle.  But I’ve used empty YL bottles too.  I add 15 drops of Frankincense and 7 each of Lavender & Copaiba.  Then I fill the rest with 1/2 Grapeseed and 1/2 Vitamin E oils.  Shake and enjoy.

  I’ve added my affiliate links to each product above (just click on the blue font).  And remember, if you order from YL, please go through me (member #2475413).  See, it’s recommending the products I love and earning free products at the same time.  And yes, this is what I use daily.  I’m not going to put my name & face behind something I don’t absolutely love.


One of my favorite things about making my own products and using Young Living is that I can alter my product to match what my needs are.  So lately I’ve been using hemp seed oil as my carrier oil and I love it.  So here’s my updated recipe that I’ve been currently using:

Hemp Seed Oil:  Moderates oil production, moisturizes & soothes inflammation and has anti-aging properties.

Fill your 15ml roller bottle with hemp seed oil and leave just a little room for your other oils.  Add 15 drops of Frankincense, 7 drops each of Lavender & Copiaba and lately I’ve been adding about 4 drops of Tea Tree.  That’s it.  Shake to mix and enjoy.