Linen/Bed Spray

Bedtime Linen SpraySo easy.  I love making my own sprays because they’re so simple.  Right before bed I’ll spray this on my pillows, sheets and myself.Recipe:15 drops of Lavender10 drops of Cedarwood1 drop of ChamomileFill with spring/distilled water.(My tap is spring water, I wouldn’t use city tap)Shake & spray.  That’s…


Healing Balm

Where was this when my kids were little? Ugh, I so wish I had known about all these natural diy products and of course essential oils. I mean I knew about oils but not really and they weren’t a part of my lifestyle. Anyway, I made this for a friend…


Chocolate Syrup

Chocolate Syrup   Living 25 minutes from town means that if you run out of something, you make it.  Well, in this case it only took me looking at the ingredients of our chocolate milk mix.  So I naturally I said "I can make this".  Oh, and remember when you…


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